I would like to talk about various social issues affecting teenagers today. When I was a senior in West Valley High School, Yakima, I was fortunate to be an intern at Washington State University’s Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H) program. Through this program, I got an opportunity to advocate for some of the causes I am passionate about in my community and help develop programs to address these issues.

Social issues affecting teens

In this age of technological advancement and widespread availability of resources, there are still many issues teenagers face globally, but most especially in America.

The rise in access to Internet and social media options have definitely contributed to a change in the way teens interact with one another. It has brought our world closer, and it has provided exposure to a variety of information that was not readily available a few years ago.

This is not always a bad thing but it has built a digital society which just like a regular society has it’s share of evils.

There are a number of issues revolving around teens today. Here is a list of a few:

Sex trafficking
Drug & alcohol abuse
Social media addiction
Gun violence
Mental health

Some of the social issues that I feel strongly connected to are weight issues, mental health and bullying – both cyber and offline. We will be talking about them in my blog pages.

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